The Marketing innovation

In our vocabulary Marketing means interpretation and creative activity. Each client has different goals and our mission is to offer every client the best solution to reach his target. SMPI Group has the best tools and experienced staff to support customers in their mission ensuring the achievement of all objectives. Our added value? We are capable of saying NO. A goal must be shared and, if we are convinced we cannot achieve it, we don't want to create false expectations.

  •  Field Marketing
  •  Social
  •  Document Location
  •  Direct Marketing
  • Advertising 
  •  Budgeting Tools
  • Video and Mobile Campain 

Maintaining daily contact with customers, looking for the most effective tools to meet their objectives, maintaining customer relationships or working towards characterizing their offer, has allowed us to develop a series of skills which represent our added value. With SMPI Group you can find clear answers, details and an ideal solution to your expressed needs, in a few simple steps.