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Distree Emea is the leading European event for the development of trade relations between distributors and vendors. It is held every year in Monte Carlo and is aimed at the consumer market and at the formalization of new business alliances between international vendors and national distributors.

For vendors Distree EMEA represents a real opportunity for the expansion of European sales. The Monte Carlo event brings together in a single container representatives of the leading distributors of our continent by putting them in contact with a wide range of companies from around the globe. Another non negligible aspect lies in the premise for each meeting: it starts from the notion that there is a real interest from both sides. All participants (retailers and vendors) share an agenda in which they plan a series of 30 minute one-to.one meetings. Distree EMEA is not a classic showcase but a “live” B2B event.

In Italy SMPI Group is appointed for the recruitment of distributors, and provides operational support for the entire duration of the event. This is an advantage and a privilege that has led SMPI Group to strengthening its relationships with major national distributors and their management.